Friday, February 15, 2013

Look what I got!

Hey there yall! So I recently purchased the RG Justice from Robots4Less. I've been wanting this kit for a relativity long while and I'm excited I finally got it! I personally love the RG line, I already have the RG Zaku, Freedom, and RX-78-2 and now to add to the pile, the RG Freedom! Well anyway, lets get to the unboxing of this beast and my plans for him.

First off, the box art, this guy looks sexy as hell. Very nice box art, can't go wrong with the RG box art to be honest.

All the runners with the booklet and I was surprised to find a gunpla builders card inside! Hopefully I win something ;)

Here you got your standard frame. I'm thinking about painting the entire frame gold. What do you guys think? Would that look good with the red, or would it make it look silly?

 Look at that gun. That's a pretty shweet gun.

One of the reasons I love the RG line, is the detail they put into these kits. Look at the panel lines on these pieces!

 This color is a bit too pinkish for me, I'm thinking of darkening it up a bit.

The big runner. I'm not gonna make the yellow gold this time, gonna keep it standard-ish yellow. I'm liking the red on these pieces, it's a nice shade.

Uh-oh, these look like the runners for the giant backpack. This thing looks absolutely amazing, and it doubles as a stand. I'm going to try some neat pose ability tricks when I'm done.

Standard beam sabers, except they come with these neat jagged dagger looking tings. Pretty Neat.

Not sure what this runner is for, but it looks like its for the back pack frame.

More pink runners, maybe it'll grow on me. Maybe.

The shield! All good Gundams have a sexy shield.

And of course, the markings. I wanted to get the decals for these but Samueal Decals hasn't answered me yet.

Well anyway, here is my unboxing of the RG Justice Gundam. I'm looking forward to building this sexy piece of machinery. I'm probably not going to build him for a while, I want to at least finish painting up my Sazabi before starting on another guy. Thanks guys for reading, and as always if you have a question, comment, or concern, go ahead and ask in the comment section below. Toodles~

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