Sunday, February 10, 2013

While waiting for the weather to clear up...

Finally a new blog post! Seems like its been ages! I guess I should start on why I haven't updated this thing in so long.

While working on my Sazabi as some of you know, I came into a problem. You cant hand paint clear colors. It's very difficult for someone of my skill to do so, so I decided to give up on hand painting it for a while. Instead I looked around for other options and eventually bought an Airbrush! I found a pretty sweet deal on Amazon, $90 for a pretty decent air brush/compressor kit. I tested it out and worked pretty well...except when I poured in latex paint into the airbrush thinking it was normal paint...luckily I managed to clean it up. Don't ever pour latex paint into your airbrush. Anyway, I was planning on painting my Sazabi, but there were some factors that prevented me to do so.

1) It's been raining/really cold here in California, I paint out side so that kind of killed my chances to paint.
2) I need to go out and buy gloss black paint to put on before my chrome paint in order to get a better shine.

So because of those two factors I decided to go around and build my Nu Gundam HWS!

This was a fun kit to build, it' nothing like anything I've built before. It's pretty bulky and difficult to pose but I think I got it in a neat pose, anyway here are some pics, a small review, and what I plan on painting it.

Basic Pics, front, side, side, back without all his weapons:

This shield is huge, its the same size as the Gundam himself!

 His Hyper Mega Beam Cannon (not sure if thats what it's called...)
I plan on giving this the same base color as the armor, Pearl White, but the silver tubes are going to be gold.

The giant shield, within the shield. Those things on the shield, as far as I know, are beam cannons. This guy comes fully loaded.

 His super mega awesome hyper bazooka
The detail in this is pretty nice. I'm going to turn the blue into black when I paint it.

Ahhh, the famous funnels! These things took me a while to build simply because I thought cutting them all out and sanding them at the same time would be a good idea. Turns out each one had a specific order, so it took me more time then it should have to put these things together. But I did it and they look fantastic. They're pretty sturdy as well.

And here he is all decked out!

Final Thoughts:
Over all this was a fun build. There were a few things that confused me, but after looking at the manual and the piece its very easy to realize oh, that goes there. The neat thing about this kit is that it looks like they give you the option to have it in non HWS mode. I didn't try it out but there was an extra armor piece for the leg to replace the giant leg armor, the chest armor can be removed to show normal chest armor, and the skirt armor has the standard armor under the extra armor. Loads of armor and weapons on this guy, pretty sick. It's a fun build, but honestly he looks kinda plain. Would I recommend this kit? Sure. Especially if you like massive freaking weapons and a giant-ass shield! Oh! Another thing about this kit is it's gimmicks. It has a pretty neat one on its shield arm. There is a piece that pushes up and reveals a beam saber handle, pretty neat. As for pose ability, it difficult to pose it simply because of all the armor. The head moves decently up and down, the feet on the other hand hardly move. You'll get decent movement on the legs and arms as well. Generally, great kit, would recommend.

Paint scheme: 
I plan on giving this git the standard color scheme, with a few changes. The white armor is going to most likely be a white pearl finish. I ordered some white pearl paint for my Sazabi, if I like how it looks (I'm pretty sure I will" I'm going to paint the armor that color. I'm not really digging the dark blue, going to change that to black. Yellow parts will be painted gold. Silver/gun metal parts will stay silver/gun metal. Except on the hyper beam cannon, that will be gold as well. I also plan on painting the raised edges on the skirt and various areas black, so they pop. Excited to paint this guy up! 

Comments, critiques, questions, concerns? Ask away!

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