Sunday, April 28, 2013

1/100 MG Gouf Custom WIP 3

Hey there guys another WIP post update from your good friend and fellow Gunpla'r Nayiro! Alright so today I tried my hand at pre-shading, never done it before. I researched it extensively (watched a video and talked to a few people) and decided I can do it. I went at it and lo and behold it wasn't as difficult as I thought. I think I messed up in a few areas but I believe I know what to do for  the future. I started on the Shield Gatling for a few reasons. One, if I mess up it's ok, i can make it into battle damage and two I can always remove it from the main suit. But I rather not do that, anyway here are a few pics of some of the pieces, most of them look like this so I didn't bother taking a picture of each piece. I would absolutely LOVE to hear some C&C on my pre-shading and what you guys think I can improve on. And as always, have a good one~

This will be  the color for the inner frame (Alclad II Magnesium)


  1. The pre-shading looks good. It's nice, light and not too noticeable. I think pre-shading is at it's best when it doesn't stick out.

    You should buy some disposable exam gloves when you're painting. It makes cleanup a lot easier!

  2. Thank you Dan! Yeah, I really dont like those "hard" pre-shades, I went for a nice subtle tone, glad it turned out well :). And yes, I should probably do that haha