Monday, April 22, 2013

1/100 Mg Gouf Custom WIP

Hey there guys! So  I started working on my MG Gouf custom, I want to try weathering and battle damage and what better kit to do it on than a MG....right? This is for an event going on over at The Mecha Lounge, an awesome forum full of kind individuals who love giving advice and just shooting the shit with. In this event there are two sides, ground team and air team, since I chose the Gouf Custom I figured he would be in the ground team. I have many ideas for this guy, hopefully I can incorporate them all or most. I roughly sketched out what I plan to do with the guy as seen below.

And as you can see, planning on really modding this guy and really making him battle damaged, I even have a neat little back story to this guy and his pilot for the war going on, gonna be fun to write. Anyway, I digress, there are a few things here that I plan on adding that aren't in the picture. For instance I want to add a scope to the barrel of the gun to make it seem like an Anti-Air gun, but I don't know how I'm going to incorporate it. So far I have only done the shoulders adding rivets to them, going to be doing the same to the legs as pictured above.

I got the idea of Rivets from an amazing modeler and all around cool guy, Kamm, some of you may know him from the Mecha lounge and his amazing hand painting tutorial video. I found a chain whilst cleaning my room and noticed the balls on it would make perfect rivets, I cut them off to individual pieces and ended up with about 100 tiny balls. Each shoulder has 22 leaving me with about 78, hopefully I have enough. If I don't have enough, not sure where I can get more of these... Also I sharpened the spikes up, they're pretty pointy, kinda difficult to see in the picture. I cut off the tip of the big spike on the big shoulder and I'm planning to melt it off a bit once I get my tools in the mail.

Well  that's all for now folks, thanks for looking. As always would love to hear what you guys think about this, and also if anyone knows how to make a crack in plastic that would be lovely, going to add a crack to the visor but not sure hot to implement that. Toodles~

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